Monday, August 16, 2010

The First Cryptic Crossword Workshop-1

The first cryptic crossword workshop was held on April 11th 2010 at the Caring Society Complex in Penang.It was organised by Malaysian Mensa Society-Penang Branch and conducted by John Nutkins. There were about 23 participants - a mixture of beginners, dabblers and regulars. A competition was held at the end of the workshop. Feedback forms were distributed to gauge the effectiveness of the workshop.One of the results of the feedback is this blog.It was suggested that to keep interest going there has to be a place where questions can be asked by beginners and anyone else regarding clueing and crossword related matters.

So Jay who had initiated the event for Mensa discussed this matter with the few who had agreed on the feedback forms to help with such requests.The few were John himself, Liong Chian Min and Craig Marcombe.Later Mary Schneider indicated that she would support the idea too.

So here we are ! We've chosen to call this blog Cryptonites.We hope you become a regular visitor and participate in solving clues as well as discussions of which  no doubt there will be many.

We will feature crosswords from various sources on a regular basis and these can be solved online or downloaded as a pdf file at your end to be solved on paper. Answers will be explained after a suitable period by any one of us mentioned in the second paragraph.

Beginners are encouraged to ask any questions they have regarding cryptic clues. Cryptonites will try to answer their enquiries in timely fashion.We are not oracles and we welcome those who are knowledgeable to also chip in and contribute. In this way, we hope to keep the crossword community in Malaysia going on through thick and thin.



  1. Congrats and best wishes. Eagerly waiting for blog to hot up.


  2. when is the next one? Please mail me the details : . Do keep me posted. Thanks

  3. I'm sure that this'll hot up. Just keep the comment & feedback coming!