Monday, October 31, 2011

Band Together

16 entries got all correct answers to 'writers' crossword.
The rest can still qualify for the lesser prize.So keep on trying the remaining crosswords.
4th in the series is  a crossword which has bands for its theme.


"Writers" Answers

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Answer Explanation to “Writers”

1A Ape goes bananas- so into it
“goes bananas” is the anagram indicator
So  APE becomes AEP
“into” is an insertion indicator
 So goes into AEP
Answer : Aesop

4A Turn one guinea to thousands
Guinea = RG
One = I
Turn IRG = GRI
Thousands = MM
Answer : Grimm

6A Cheap energy that James will welcome
Cheap = Low
Energy = E
James will = James’ll
JAMESLL welcomes LOW E
Answer : James Lowell

8A Old king has eminence
Old king = COLE
Eminence = RIDGE
Answer : Coleridge

10A Out with a penny, in with a pound to make a killing!
Penny = P pound = L
KILLING is the result of taking out a penny (P) and putting in a pound (L)
KI(L) LING is derived from KI(P) LING
Answer : Kipling

11A Weak acid in soaps,say
Weak acid = HOCL
Soaps,say = SOPES
Answer : Sophocles

2D Prophet speaks, peeps later
Prophet = Samuel
‘Speaks’ is a homonym indicator. ‘later’ is a juxtaposition indicator
PEPYS sounds like “peeps”
Answer : Samuel Pepys

3D Pawn a king holds behind
Pawn = P  king = K
Behind = astern
Answer : Pasternak

5D Look! That’s what Mary’s about!
Look = LO
MARY about LO
Answer : Malory

6D  Jack Young possessed nothing to shout about- master recalled
Jack = J  Young = Y
JY possessed nothing ( O) gives us JOY
Shout = CRY
Master = ACE 
ACE recalled = ECA
CRY about ECA = C  ECA  RY
Answer : Joyce Cary

7D Expression of disgust follows another one around
Expression of disgust = UGH
UGH follows ( comes after ) another one
Another expression of disgust = AW
AW around = WA
Answer : Waugh

9D Hamlet, finally, was embraced by his countryman
 Hamlet , finally = T
His countryman = DANE
DANE embraces T
Answer : Dante


Crossword 38

Here is crossword 38

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Correction to 'writers'

Please download the crossword again as one of the clues has been corrected.
Apologies for the mistake.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

To all our Hindu visitors :
Wish he played a VIP, a quiet sort. (5,9)


Monday, October 24, 2011

Writers' Block

Congratulations to all who submitted the answers to "movies" crossword.
The number of participants stands at 28.
All of them can proceed with the 3rd in the series.

New participants are welcome.However, they cannot qualify for participating in the 11th crossword.
There will be a lesser prize for which they can qualify if they take part in at least 6 crossword challenges and get correct answers.

Here is the 3rd in the series , the theme for which is writers.


"Movies" Answers

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Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
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Answer Explanation to “Movies”

1A Crazy Disney lion adopts a goat oddly
Crazy = mad
Disney lion = scar ( from Lion King )
Adopts is a container indicator
A goat ‘oddly’ = a g a ( disregard the even letters of ‘goat’ )
So, Mad   Scar  adopts  A G A
Answer : Madagascar

5 A Daisy-chained, it keeps you cool
Daisy-chained is indicator for stacking up the word repeatedly
It keeps you cool is an AIR-CON
When we write AIRCON repeatedly , we have
And inside we can recognize the movie called Conair
Answer : Conair

7A May she who gave her name to it suppress inverted desire
May is the name of the month. The name was derived from MAIA
Suppress is a container indicator
Inverted is a reverse indicator
Desire = Long which when inverted becomes GNOL
With Maia suppressing ‘gnol’ we have MA      GNOL   IA
Answer : Magnolia

9A Wholly with Mason-Dixon and Jonah, say
Mason-Dixon is a Line
Jonah is an example of a Sinker
The answer with line and sinker means ‘wholly’
Answer : Hook

10A Like one stuck in the past
Like one = as i
Stuck in is the insertion indicator
The past = BC
As I ‘stuck in’ bc gives us  B  AS  I  C
Answer : Basic

11A Cinematic master of suspense gives up the swagger
Cinematic master of suspense is Hitchcock
Gives up is deletion indicator
Swagger = cock
Hitchcock without cock gives us Hitch
Answer : Hitch

2D Girl a toad bamboozles
Bamboozles is an anagram indicator and refers to ‘girl a toad’
Re-arranging the letters of ‘girl a toad’ gives us GLADIATOR
Answer : Gladiator

3D “Sounds like the Italian Premier League?” “Nahh!”
Italian premier league is SERIE A which ‘sounds’ like SYRIA
Nahh sounds like NA
Answer : Syriana

4D In a mirror, Polyhymnia without false halo
Mirror is reverse indicator for IN A which becomes ANI
Polyhymnia is a Muse
‘without’ is a container indicator and means that MUSE is outside false halo
False is anagram indicator and applies to HALO
So we have ANI   M  AL HO  USE
Answer : Animal House

5D They’re off the charts …but just within limits!
They’re off the charts means that some letters are taken out of CHARTS
Which ones? Those just within the limits.
C h AR t S ( h and t are those just within limits )
Answer : CARS

6D Incomplete track – loud if played inside
Incomplete track  = TRAC
Loud = F ( as in Forte )
IF played = FI ( ‘played’ is an anagram indicator )
‘Inside’ means that F FI are to be put in TRAC
Answer : Traffic

8D Such a course implies surviving hard knocks
 Hard knocks are associated with crashes.
So a crash course seems to be implying that we take it to survive hard knocks.
Answer : Crash

9D A parting of the waves
‘Parting of’ implies that A will part THE
Waves is an anagram indicator for THE giving us HET
Hence we have HE  A  T when A parts HET
Answer : Heat


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clue Correction

4 D is not an 11 lettered clue . its two words (6,5).

Latest update on pop up window: in some systems it does not come on. In others it will.

So please make sure that the answer fits the question perfectly.


Pop Up Box

There was a setting in the crossword compiler which was overlooked. This caused the pop up window (which comes on when the crossword is completely filled) to be inconsistent. The oversight has been rectified and now the pop up window will only come on when the answers are all correct.

So, for those who have already submitted their answers, please do so again.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Screen Test

Many thanks and congratulations to those who submitted the solutions to "Movie Stars" crossword- the first in a series of 10 crossword challenges which will be offered on a weekly basis.

There were 23 entries and all have qualified.

So keep on participating so that you can take part in crossword 11.

There have been appeals from some who visit the site irregularly and were unaware of the challenge.

As such, i will accept their participation from the second crossword challenge on.

There were a few entries from the UK. Thanks Derek, for publicizing the crossword challenge in your news-letter.

Solvers are reminded that when they have filled in all the answers correctly, then a congratulatory message will pop up.

If no such message pops up, then you know that something is wrong. Please check your answers again.

The second challenge has as its theme - movies.

As before please submit before midnight monday.


"Movie Stars" Answers

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
Definition : BOLD
Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
Link : Normal


1A  Academic issue about toilet
Academic = don
Issue = son
Toilet = john
‘About’ is a containment indicator
We have Don  John  Son  ;  don son ‘about’ john

4A  Tits a woman shows off
Anagram “tits a woman” (‘shows off’ is the indicator)

6A Justice takes a year,month and an hour!
Justice = J 
‘Takes’ serves as an indicator for the next word to be placed beside J
A year =  a yr
Month = mo
An hour = hr
We have  J AY MO HR
Answer : JAY MOHR

8A International Unit topless Scully worked with before
International unit = IU
Topless Scully = Cully
CULLY ‘worked with’ = LUCY L  (anagram indicator)
Lucy L ‘before’ IU  gives us LUCY LIU
Answer : LUCY LIU

9A Foreign-made jeans
‘foreign’ is anagram indicator turning MADE JEANS into JAMES DEAN

1D Delay in loan distribution
‘distribution’ , the anagram indicator ‘distributes’ the letters of “Delay in Loan” to become…

2D I’m without the French spy novelist in July
Spy novelist = Le Carre ( creator of superspy George Smiley – you’d never mistake him for James Bond)
“Without the French” means Le Carre without ‘Le’ ( ‘the’ in French ) giving us just “CARRE”
Now we have IM CARREY in July.
July = JY
IM CARREY in JY gives us  J  IM CARRE  Y

3D Sounds near but it’s far
Near sounds like NIA
Far = long
Answer : NIA LONG

5D Blanket I’m all enveloped in
‘In’ is the indicator that the answer is hidden in the sentence preceding it.
Blanke T IM ALL EN veloped
Answer : TIM ALLEN

7D Nick Dastardly, fiend at heart
Nick = rob
Dastardly = low
Fiend at heart = E ( heart of fiEnd )
Answer : ROB LOWE

“They wove their magic on the silver screen and in our hearts…”

Listen to the Kinks’ evocative “Celluloid Heroes” at


Monday, October 10, 2011


There will be 10 crosswords to be solved between now and the end of the year ( on a weekly basis )
All will be themed and hence the clues will NOT have definitions.

When you have solved it, click on "submit" - input your name and e mail and send it off.

The ones who solve all the crosswords will be eligible to compete in the 11th crossword. A prize will be awarded for the winner of the 11th crossword.

The first in the series has for its theme - movie stars.

You can submit anytime from now until next monday midnight.


Explanation for Potpourri 17

Explanation for Potpourri 17

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
Definition : BOLD
Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
Link : Normal


W5. Artist visits bank when 100-1 horse wins?

Artist = RA
Bank = rely
Rarely fits the definition of when a 100-1 horse wins.

X5. Turn up if general networker?

IF turned up gives us FI
Sherman was a general in the American Civil War
Fisherman is a networker ( one who works with nets )

Y5. It hurts to split couple getting excited

It hurts = ow (exclamation when one gets hurt)
Couple = wed
OW splits WED to give us WOWED which is excited

Z5. Film family, hearing notices, fusses about run

Notices = marks
Marks sounds like MARX
Fusses = bothers
Run = r
Bothers about R gives us Brothers
Marx Brothers were a film family


Crossword 37

Here is crossword 37