Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Screen Test

Many thanks and congratulations to those who submitted the solutions to "Movie Stars" crossword- the first in a series of 10 crossword challenges which will be offered on a weekly basis.

There were 23 entries and all have qualified.

So keep on participating so that you can take part in crossword 11.

There have been appeals from some who visit the site irregularly and were unaware of the challenge.

As such, i will accept their participation from the second crossword challenge on.

There were a few entries from the UK. Thanks Derek, for publicizing the crossword challenge in your news-letter.

Solvers are reminded that when they have filled in all the answers correctly, then a congratulatory message will pop up.

If no such message pops up, then you know that something is wrong. Please check your answers again.

The second challenge has as its theme - movies.

As before please submit before midnight monday.


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