Monday, October 24, 2011

"Movies" Answers

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
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Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
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Answer Explanation to “Movies”

1A Crazy Disney lion adopts a goat oddly
Crazy = mad
Disney lion = scar ( from Lion King )
Adopts is a container indicator
A goat ‘oddly’ = a g a ( disregard the even letters of ‘goat’ )
So, Mad   Scar  adopts  A G A
Answer : Madagascar

5 A Daisy-chained, it keeps you cool
Daisy-chained is indicator for stacking up the word repeatedly
It keeps you cool is an AIR-CON
When we write AIRCON repeatedly , we have
And inside we can recognize the movie called Conair
Answer : Conair

7A May she who gave her name to it suppress inverted desire
May is the name of the month. The name was derived from MAIA
Suppress is a container indicator
Inverted is a reverse indicator
Desire = Long which when inverted becomes GNOL
With Maia suppressing ‘gnol’ we have MA      GNOL   IA
Answer : Magnolia

9A Wholly with Mason-Dixon and Jonah, say
Mason-Dixon is a Line
Jonah is an example of a Sinker
The answer with line and sinker means ‘wholly’
Answer : Hook

10A Like one stuck in the past
Like one = as i
Stuck in is the insertion indicator
The past = BC
As I ‘stuck in’ bc gives us  B  AS  I  C
Answer : Basic

11A Cinematic master of suspense gives up the swagger
Cinematic master of suspense is Hitchcock
Gives up is deletion indicator
Swagger = cock
Hitchcock without cock gives us Hitch
Answer : Hitch

2D Girl a toad bamboozles
Bamboozles is an anagram indicator and refers to ‘girl a toad’
Re-arranging the letters of ‘girl a toad’ gives us GLADIATOR
Answer : Gladiator

3D “Sounds like the Italian Premier League?” “Nahh!”
Italian premier league is SERIE A which ‘sounds’ like SYRIA
Nahh sounds like NA
Answer : Syriana

4D In a mirror, Polyhymnia without false halo
Mirror is reverse indicator for IN A which becomes ANI
Polyhymnia is a Muse
‘without’ is a container indicator and means that MUSE is outside false halo
False is anagram indicator and applies to HALO
So we have ANI   M  AL HO  USE
Answer : Animal House

5D They’re off the charts …but just within limits!
They’re off the charts means that some letters are taken out of CHARTS
Which ones? Those just within the limits.
C h AR t S ( h and t are those just within limits )
Answer : CARS

6D Incomplete track – loud if played inside
Incomplete track  = TRAC
Loud = F ( as in Forte )
IF played = FI ( ‘played’ is an anagram indicator )
‘Inside’ means that F FI are to be put in TRAC
Answer : Traffic

8D Such a course implies surviving hard knocks
 Hard knocks are associated with crashes.
So a crash course seems to be implying that we take it to survive hard knocks.
Answer : Crash

9D A parting of the waves
‘Parting of’ implies that A will part THE
Waves is an anagram indicator for THE giving us HET
Hence we have HE  A  T when A parts HET
Answer : Heat


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