Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Puzzle 11 Answers

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
Definition : BOLD
Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
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Answer Explanation to “Finals”
1A It’s a sin to swallow half the sweet!
Sweet = licorice
Half of it is LICO
 ‘swallow’ is container indicator
Si lico n
Answer : Silicon     ( element )

4A Spoil a feature so gripping
Spoil = mar
A feature = a chin
‘gripping’ is container indicator
So ‘gripping’ chin , we have s chin o
Answer : Maraschino  ( drink )

8A No information about unknowns
No = o
Information = gen
Unknowns = xy
Answer : Oxygen  ( element )
11A Including single, not one to be taken in head over heels
Including = inc
Single = ep
One = i
I ‘to be taken in’ by NOT gives us NOIT
NOIT ‘head over heels’ = TION
Answer : Inception ( movie )

13A Me? I’ll be fifty-five, engaged (bachelor no more) and her man besides!
Fifty five = LV
Bachelor no more means take out B
LV ‘engaged’ by ME I’LL BE   gives us  ME LV ILL  BE
Taking out B gives us MELVILLE
HER MAN besides gives us Herman Melville
Answer : Herman Melville  ( writer )

15A Mother has right to a thong - almost.
Mother = MA
Right = R
A thong ( almost ) = A THON
Answer : Marathon ( battle )

16A G-rated film introducing you to lead acting part
Film ‘introducing’ = F
You = U
Lead ‘acting’ anagrammed is L DEA
‘part’ is insertion indicator
So  FU L DEA  enters G RATED giving us  GRATE  FUL DEA D
Answer : Grateful Dead  ( band )

17A  Power goes west or to the Middle East first,Uncle Sam
Power = P
OR goes west = RO
‘to’ is juxtaposition indicator
So, PRO is put next to THE
But Middle East comes ‘first’
Hence its PRO  ME  THE
Uncle Sam = US
Answer : Prometheus ( Greek Myth )

18A  Put new spin on issues – baseless!
Put and on  are juxtaposition indicators
New = N
Spin = ARC
Issues ‘baseless’ = issus ( E is a logarithmic base )
Answer : Narcissus  ( Flower )

19A  Albion warfare ace, perhaps
Anagram of Albion warfare ace gives us Lawrence of Arabia
Answer : Lawrence of Arabia  ( movie )

1D Lower anchor with ship heading to port
Lower = under
Anchor = land
Ship heading = S
S to port means S is moved to the left
Answer : Sunderland ( football club )

2D Poor imitation
Poor = cheap
Imitation = trick
Answer : Cheap Trick ( band )

3D Brits were troubled by old Lancelot and Guinevere taking in king.
Brits ‘were troubled ‘ = BRIST
Old = O
Lancelot and Guinevere = LOVERS
Taking in king means to put in R
Answer : Bristol Rovers ( football club )

5D Second team returns to host English side with points
Second = S   team = SIDE
S SIDE ‘returns’ = EDISS
English = E  side = L  points = WE
EDISS ‘hosts’  E L WE
Answer : Edelweiss ( flower )

6D Company accepted that I included Rock, actor and player.
Company = AG
Accepted = A
Rock, actor = Chris
THAT I ‘included’ CHRIS  gives us  THA  CHRIS  T I
Player = E
Answer : Agatha Christie  ( writer )

7D No one beat cheat up
No one = NO I
Beat = LAM
Cheat = Gyp
‘up’ is reversal indicator turning NO I LAM GYP to
Answer : Pygmalion ( Greek Myth )

9D Knight breaks fall with pole
Knight = K
K breaks FALL gives us FAL K L
With = AND
 Pole = S
Answer : Falklands ( battle )

10D It changes hands causing faux pas with fashionable names.
Faux pas = ERROR 
Fashionable = FLY
Names = NN
ERROR changing hands means that originally the answer is ERROL
Answer : Errol Flynn ( movie star )

12D Put on record to re-cycle
Put on record = chart
Re-cycle = reuse
Answer : Chartreuse ( drink )

14D Rip cloth across back – very advanced cut.
Rip = rend
Cloth = rag
Across = a
Rend rag a ‘back’ gives us A GAR DNER
Very advanced = VA
Answer : Ava Gardner ( movie star )


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