Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crossword 4 Answers Explanation



1. HEAD: definition TOP; ‘part of’ indicating some letters of ‘the address’

4. LOST: definition MISLAID; ‘may get’ indicating anagram of ‘lots’


8. ABET: definition HELP; ‘a’ + ‘wager’=BET

11. NAIL: definition FORM OF DIGITAL PROTECTION; ‘nothing’=NIL about ‘a’

13. LEXICON: definition BOOK; ‘upset’ indicating anagram of ‘Colin’ about
‘former spouse’=EX

14. ION: definition CHARGE; ‘out of’ indicating part of ‘stationer’s’

16. ROTOR: definition BLADE; ‘reversible’ indicating palindrome (word
reading same both ways)

18. VITAL: definition VERY IMPORTANT; ‘woman’= VAL, ‘takes it’ indicating
‘it’ in VAL

21. RINDS: definition SCRAPS OF ORANGE; ‘minces’=GRINDS, ‘topless’
Indicating removal of first letter

22. DONOR: definition CONTRIBUTOR; ‘entrance’= DOOR ‘around’ ‘noon’=N

24. LEO: definition A SIGN; ‘from the’ indicating part of ‘galleon’

25. SENEGAL: definition LAND; ‘off’ indicating anagram of ‘seen’, ‘by’
meaning next to ‘girl’=GAL

28. KEEN: definition ENTHUSIASTIC; ‘king’=K, ‘energy’=E, ‘space’=EN (printing

30. DOLE: definition BENEFIT (social security term – unemployment
payment); ‘party’=DO, ‘by’ indicating next to ‘the French’=LE

31. ORES: definition RAW MINERALS; ‘from’ indicating part of word ‘forest’

32. TOWN: definition ADDRESS; ‘change’ indicating anagram of ‘won’t’

33. KEEP: double definition for ‘PART OF THE CASTLE’ and ‘MAINTAIN’


1. HEAL: double definition for ‘FIX’ and ‘PART OF FOOT’, ‘say’ indicating homophone

2. APEX: definition SUMMIT; ‘primate’=APE, ‘kiss’

3. MINOR: definition UNIMPORTANT; homophone of MINER=collier

4. LEI: definition FLOWERS; ‘in the’ indicating part of word ‘sleigh’

5. THEN: definition AFTERWARDS; ‘from’ indicating part of words ‘both ends’

7. MANOR: definition HOUSE; ‘style’ indicating anagram of ‘Roman’

9. BESIDE: definition APART FROM; ‘notes’ are B and E (musical), ‘to’ indicating next to ‘team’= SIDE

10. TITAN: definition GIANT; ‘bird’= TIT, ‘article’= AN

12. LION: pun/play on words (pride of lions)

15. ORDEAL: definition TRIAL; ‘or’ + ‘trade’= DEAL

17. TIMED: definition USED STOPWATCH; ‘bound’= TIED, ‘to have’ i.e. to include ‘month’=M

19. TOOK: definition STOLEN; ‘also’= TOO ‘has’ ‘kilo’=K

20. LOSER: definition NO-HOPER; ‘swap’ indicating anagram of ‘roles’

23. RENEW: definition CONTINUE; ‘concerning’= RE, ‘novel’=NEW

24. LIST: double definition of ‘table’ and ‘lean’

25. GORE: definition MAKE A KILLING; ‘leave’= GO, ‘engineers’= RE (British Army Royal Engineers)

27. LEAP: definition SPRING; ‘sort of’ indicating anagram of ‘pale’


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