Monday, October 11, 2010

Neat Definitions Explanation

Each Clue explanation is divided into Analysis, Aesthetics and Afterword.

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
Definition : BOLD
Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
Link : Normal

G. Ridiculous two hours pay is on offer to one at bar. (5,4,6) _ _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ O _


Ridiculous two hours pay is on offer to one at bar.

Ridiculous (anagram indicator) rearranges two hours pay is on to what's your poison?


A straight forward clue - this has a smooth reading to it.What makes it stand out is the definition which once again goes to show how efficacious the setter is.


Phrases are regularly featured in cryptic crosswords.They provide opportunities for some neat definitions.The next series of clues will be about phrases.

H. British Rail in a struggle to find lender. (9) _ _ _ R _ _ _ _ _


British Rail in a struggle to find lender

British = BR
BR + rail + in a becomes the wordplay to be manipulated ( indicated by the anagram indicator struggle ) to become LIBRARIAN  which fits nicely with the definition of a lender.


The clue could almost be a newspaper headline in these hard times.


British can be substituted by B , Br, GB or UK . The crossword solver will become familiar with a whole slew of abbreviations in the course of solving hundreds of crosswords.

I. Labour Party unlikely to split? (5,4) _ _ A _ _ _ _ N


Labour Party unlikely to split?

You will notice that the above clue is left as it originally was without recourse to splitting it up into definition,link and wordplay.
This is because the clue is entirely a definition as well as wordplay.I am unsure as to whether it qualifies as &lit.
Answer is Chain Gang.


This clue epitomises neat definitions.The image of a bunch of prisoners manacled and doing hard labour outside prison comes to mind when you get the answer.Its a world away from politics and yet there is a genuine connection when labour and party are both capitalised.


Pure &lits are hard to come by.Partial ones are more common.Yet in the above clue there is no wordplay in the classic sense.So its probably the hardest to solve among the three.


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