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Crossword 11 Answers Explanation

Explanation for Crossword 11


1 Metal of two colours (5,4) WHITE GOLD: Double definition of METAL and TWO COLOURS

8 A barrier to a dodgy dealer (5) FENCE: Double definition of BARRIER and DODGY DEALER

10 Croat turned performer (5) ACTOR: Definition PERFORMER; ‘turned’ indicating anagram of ‘Croat’

12 Bored with a mineral (3) ORE: Definition MINERAL; ‘with’ indicating some letters of ‘bored’

13 Originally called in one electrician (3) NEE: Definition ORIGINALLY CALLED; ‘in’ indicating some letters of ‘one electrician’

14 Creepy-sounding lake (4) ERIE: Definition LAKE; ‘sounding’ indicating sounds like ‘creepy’ (eerie)

15 Wanting Mark to go to church (6) SCARCE: Definition WANTING; SCAR (Mark) + CE (short for Church of England) = SCARCE

16 What’s left after burning trophy (5) ASHES: Double definition of ‘what’s left after burning’ and ‘trophy’

18 Dismissal points to tiny shoe (6) BOOTEE: Definition TINY SHOE; BOOT (dismissal) + EE (points: EE= East East) = BOOTEE

20 Witches’ irritation (4)  ITCH: Definition IRRITATION; ‘Apostrophe’ in ‘witches’’ indicating some letters in ‘witches’

22 Encountered the police in London (3) MET: Double definition of ENCOUNTERED and POLICE IN LONDON

23 Quantity of schooners (3) ONE: Definition QUANTITY; ‘of’ indicating some letters of ‘schooners’

24 Firm about socialist beliefs (5) CREDO: Definition BELIEFS; CO (firm) about RED (socialist) = C(RED)O

25 Terribly eager to comply (5) AGREE: Definition COMPLY; ‘terrible’ indicating anagram of ‘eager’ = AGREE

26 Information about cheat-fest (9) FACTSHEET: Definition INFORMATION; ‘about’ indicating anagram of ‘cheat-fest’


2 Capital to laugh at negative one (5) HANOI: Definition CAPITAL; HA (laugh) at NO (negative) I (one) = HA + NO + I = HANOI

3 It grows in the street (4) TREE: Definition IT GROWS; ‘in’ indicating some letters of ‘the street’

4 Look for German weapon (6) GLANCE: Definition LOOK; G (short for German) + LANCE (weapon) = G LANCE

5 Next, alter arrangement (5) LATER: Definition NEXT; ‘arrangement’ indicating anagram of ‘alter’

6 Composer who frequently returned, say (9) OFFENBACH: Definition COMPOSER;  ‘say’ indicating sounds like ‘frequently returned’ (Often Back)

7 Release cog to reach coast (9) FREEWHEEL: Definition COAST;  FREE (release) + WHEEL (cog) = FREEWHEEL

9 Made Edward follow wrong race (7) CREATED: Definition MADE; ‘wrong’ indicating anagram of ‘race’ (CREA) + TED (short for Edward)

11 Finishing shell with energy (7) CEASING: Definition FINISHING;  CASING (shell) with E (energy) = C(E)ASING

15 The woman from Esher (3) SHE: Definition WOMAN; ‘from’ indicating some letters of ‘Esher’

17 Explain drug found in beer (3,3) SET OUT: Definition EXPLAIN; E (short for Ecstacy (drug)) in STOUT (beer) = S(E)TOUT

19 Last character round to play game (5) OMEGA: Definition LAST CHARACTER (in Greek); O (round) + MEGA (play is an anagram indicator for ‘game’)

21 Reticent about trees (5) TERSE: Definition RETICENT; ‘about’ indicating anagram of ‘trees’

23 Curse out of loathing (4) OATH: Definition CURSE; ‘out of’ indicating some letters of ‘loathing’

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