Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Punctuations 2

Each Clue explanation is divided into Analysis, Aesthetics and Afterword.

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
Definition : BOLD
Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
Link : Normal

A3: Look at daring to admit "I'm sorry?" (6)   _ E _ _ _ _

Look at daring to admit "I'm sorry?"

daring = bold

"I'm sorry?" = Eh?

bold to admit eh means that eh goes in bold.
b eh old
behold = look

Lovely use of punctuation to make sense of the sentence. The question mark gives a clue as to how to treat the phrase "I'm sorry" - not as an admission but as a query.

The presence of "I'm" might cause concern regarding accuracy issues since "Sorry?" is good enough for substitution by "Eh?". But "I'm sorry?" is still okay.

B3: "Serve Duke!" I cry (4,3)   _ _ _ _  O _

"Serve Duke!" I cry

duke = D
I cry = I shout
dish out = serve

Nice short clue where the presence of punctuations is purely for smooth reading and comprehension.

Duke is one of those words that will always trigger the presence of the letter D in a crossword.

C3: "Tom here!" (jeers)  (10) _ _ _ _ A _ _ I _ _

"Tom here!" (jeers) 

Tom = cat

tom here indicates catcalling

catcalling = jeers


Superb clue though I would have preferred "Here,Tom!". But then I can see why "Tom here!" is chosen (see below)


That jeers appears within quotes leads us to assume that the context of the sentence is within a play. Someone says the line "Tom here!" and playwright indicates that jeers follow this statement.If the lines were "Here, Tom!" then we might still wonder why jeers followed.

But when "Tom here!" is used , we get an instant image of someone declaring his presence in an assembly and then gets jeered.
So the image generated, reinforces the context of the reading and is smooth as can be.

Another way this clue might have been written is :
TOM  "Here!"  (jeers)
The above looks as if it came out straight from a script.

Three more clues using punctuation in creative ways ... or not.

D3: What can be wild, including "H____!"?  (5)  _ A _ _ _

E3: What you may hear from a Socialist; ______? (7)  _ _ A _ _ _ _

F3: Humped creatures? Not so (Just so .......!) (5)  _ _ _ _ S


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