Friday, November 16, 2012

The Times Crosword Championship 2012- Part 2

If I understood John clearly, each puzzle was set by an individual setter. That was interesting. Normally, the Times crossword is the work of several setters.
Would each crossword reveal something unique ? 
Here are the anagram clues in First Preliminary - Puzzle No 1.

X8. "Distinguished artists" is a term translated here (7)

Y8. Pilot coming out of marina, at sea (6)

Z8. Like incorrect shop signs, perhaps, I stood changing (13)

A9. Violently shattering, put back in order (10 )

 Double Definition Clues

B9. Deduce it's a no-win situation (4)

C9. Reckless game bird (7)

D9. Saw what something obvious doesn't need (6)

Charade Clues

E9. Boast by legal group that can exert powerful leverage (7)

F9. Halt source of whisky on base (10)

G9. Trendy point of view, for example (8)

The second preliminary proceeded after an hour. We left for lunch and hoped to make it back for the finals 2 hours later.

to be continued....


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