Sunday, November 4, 2012

X-Factor Answers Explanation

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
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Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
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O8. Stunts with tree feller none of them ending in disappointment (10)

stunts = antics
tree = lime
feller = axe

none of them with ending means take out the last letter for all of them.Then we have

antic   lim   ax  = anticlimax = disappointment

P8. Whirlwind romance's beginning in proposal with kiss (6)

romance's beginning = R
proposal = vote 
kiss = X

vortex = whirlwind

Q8. Take plane from here, perhaps to circle lake and wood (7)

to = TO  circle = O lake = L wood = BOX

TOOLBOX = take plane from here, perhaps  ( Toolbox contains a variety of tools, of which , plane is one. )

R8. Cross on a German square depicting St. Francis (6)

cross = X
a German square = a vier

X a vier

S8. Trots like this? Ran six miles in bursts between motorways (7-8)

bursts is anagram indicator  and fodder is "ran six miles in"
motorway = M

Hence we have answer outline as follows : M (ransixmilesin M

Definition is very neat - referring to Trots as Commies and not the Verb

Commies love Marxism-Leninism

T8. Stuffing mix ready for mincing on time (9)

Mincing is anagram indicator and refers to mixready

last letter is T ( time )

we have Taxidermy = Stuffing

U8. After border exchange, old German immigrant comes to this island (5)

old German immigrant = Saxon

Saxon ( after border exchange ) = Naxos which is an island

V8. Fellow had audience at Palace, perhaps, taking in Times article and some verse (9)

 Fellow = He
had audience at Palace, perhaps = met ER ( er being queen )
times article = X A

He XA meter = hexameter  = some verse

W8. Compound I travel round on farm animal (4,5)

i travel = i ride
round is containment indicator

i ride is around ON OX (farm animal )

I R ON OX IDE = compound


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