Monday, November 7, 2011

"Bands" Answers

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
Definition : BOLD
Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
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Answer Explanation to “Bands”

1A Fifty back! Not bad in the upshot
Fifty = L
Not bad = so so
So so ‘back’ = OS OS
 Upshot = lob
‘in’ OS OS we have LOB giving us  OS LOB OS
Answer : Los Lobos

6A Auntie, not British but Australian
Auntie = BBC
Not British ( B ) but Australian ( A ) means take out B and replace with A
Answer : ABC

8A Look back in anger – oddly changing sides
Anger , oddly = AGR
Changing sides refers to R which is right ; when changed it becomes L
So we have AGL
Look = SEE ; SEE back = EES
Place AGL in EES giving us E AGL ES
Answer : Eagles

10A Basketry is such a job!
Basketry involves weaving of rushes
As such it a RUSH job
Answer : Rush

13A Moment of clarity!
Such a moment is an AHA moment
Answer : A-Ha

14A Way of life followed by guild
Way of life = culture
Guild = club
‘followed’ is a juxtaposition indicator
Answer : Culture Club

18A Zero to thousand?Its average!
Zero =O thousand = M
Its average is 500 = D
So we have OMD
Answer : OMD

19A Never very content
‘content’ is a hidden indicator
neVER VE ry
Answer : Verve

2D Lovebirds
Love = O
Birds = JAYS
Answer : O’Jays

3D  X-rated entertainment
X-rated = blue
Entertainment = cheer
Answer : Blue Cheer

4D Suspect holds the keys
Suspect = sus
Keys = GG
SUS holds GG = SU GG S
Answer : Suggs

5D Can outrank king and queen
 Ace can outrank king and queen
Answer : ACE

7D Freely elocute without limits
ELOCUTE without limits = LOCUT ( take out the letters at the limits )
LOCUT freely = CLOUT
Answer : Clout

9D Bachelor-clutching straws
Bachelor = B
STRAWS clutching B = STRAWBS
Answer : Strawbs

11D Fine a couple of learners
Fine = F
A couple of learners = A LL
Answer : Fall

12D In ’92, primarily
’92 is ninety two
Two ‘primarily’ = T
T is put in ninety ( XC )
Answer : XTC

15D “For all to see?”  “For most
For all to see = U ( classification of movie suitable for universal viewing )
For most = FO ( most is deletion indicator )
Answer : UFO

16D You too on radio
On radio is homonym indicator
You too  sounds like U2
Answer : U2

17D Carbon credit
Carbon = C
Credit = CR
Answer : CCR


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