Monday, November 14, 2011

"Clubs" Answers

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Answer Explanation to “Bands”

2A Second blood group stained drapes
Second =  S
Blood group = B
Stained = grimy
 Grimy drapes SB ( drapes is containment indicator )
Answer : Grimsby

5A Left note about union overtime raise
Left = L     Note = N
Union = U     overtime = OT   overtime raise = TO ( raise is reverse indicator )
L N  is about ( around )  U  TO
Answer : Luton

6A By any means , it’s a sound choice between bum and creep
Bum = beg   creep = steal
Between beg and steal , we put in BORROW
Then we have BEG, BORROW or STEAL  ( ‘choice’ justifies presence of OR )
By any means = beg, borrow or steal
Homonym indicator tells us answer sounds like BORROW
Answer : Boro

7A River search interrupted
River = WYE   search = COMB
‘interrupted’ is insertion indicator 
We have WY  COMB  E
Answer : Wycombe

8A Early Valanginian tree made a comeback about old Norway
Early Valanginian = E  
Tree ‘made a comback’ = EERT
Then we have  V   EERT  about  giving us   E  V ERT
Old = O  Norway = N
Answer : Everton

9A Halter rustic put together
‘rustic’ is anangram indicator and applies to ‘halter’
Halter changes to HARTLE
Put together = POOL
Answer : Hartlepool

10A Check out in the end by “Rogers and Evans”
Check = CH   out is deletion indicator
So CH must go out of the answer
The end by refers to the last letter of by which is Y
‘In Y’ means that we insert Y
Then we get Rogers and Evans who are Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
That is ROYDALE 
Y is in ROYDALE , so original answer is ROCHDALE  ( CH is replaced by Y )
Answer : Rochdale

1D Who will listen to its longer version?
Listen is a homonym indicator and refers to WHO WILL
‘who will’ is the longer version of who’ll
Who’ll sounds like hull
Answer : Hull

3D Head you rub the wrong way
Head of you is Y
Y RUB the wrong way is BURY
Answer : Bury

4D  Shot Cech lost again back-pedalling
Shot is anagram indicator and applies to Cech lost
Cech lost becomes  COLCHEST
Again = re   
RE back-pedalling = ER
Answer : Colchester

6D Gun model exchanged for early automobile
Gun = BREN
Early automobile = MODEL T FORD
When model is exchanged for Bren, we have BREN T FORD
Answer : Brentford

7D Wasilla misses independent Palin – central to reform
 Independent = I
‘Wasilla’ misses I gives us  WASLLA
Palin ‘central’ gives us L
We have WASLLA  L  to be reformed ( anagram indicator )
Answer : Walsall


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