Monday, November 28, 2011

"Greek Myths" Answers

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Answer Explanation to “Greek Myths”

2A Sugar high
‘high’ is anagram indicator
Answer : Argus

4A Operates without a doctor
‘doctor’ is anagram indicator
Operates ‘without’ a = opertes
‘Opertes’ anagrammed gives us Sterope
Answer : Sterope

6A Protection racket which ends in ….
Protection = Lee
Racket which ‘ends’ = T H ( ends of racket and which )
TH ‘in’ Lee  = Lethe
Answer : Lethe

7A …driver’s capture subsequently
Drivers = AA ( Automobile Association )
Subsequently = then
AA capture then  = Athena
Answer : Athena

10A Laos at first was taken over by China
Laos ‘at first ‘ refers to L
L is replaced ( taken over ) by CH ( China)
Answer : Chaos

13A Energy and mass halved after long time
Energy = Chi
Mass ‘halved’ = MA
‘After’ is juxtaposition indicator
This means that ‘long time’ which is ERA comes after Chi and ma
Answer : Chimaera

14A Young Conservatives turning 150 having no second thoughts
Young = Y
Conservatives = C
YC ‘turning’ = CY
150 = CL
No = O
Second thoughts = PT ( postscript )
Answer : Cyclops

1D Chosen by God
Chosen = Elect
God = Ra
By is juxtaposition  indicator
Answer : Electra

2D  Awfully queer as its back for inevitable song!
‘awfully’ is anagram indicator and applies to “queer as”
Its ‘back’ refers to answer being inverted
Inevitable song is “Que Sera Sera” ie whatever will be will be – an inevitability
“Que Sera” is anagram result of ‘queer as’  and ‘sera’ is the result of answer which after reversing gives us ARES
Answer : Ares

3D On the subject of snake-bites, she’s foremost
‘on the subject of’  = RE as in regarding
Snake = boa        boa bites ‘re’ giving us BO  RE A
She’s foremost = S
Answer : Boreas

5D Rhea laboured
‘laboured’ is anagram indicator
Answer : Hera

8D … for me to be hers
Apostrophe sign is the container indicator
Me goes into Hers
Answer : Hermes

9D Name I had taken before
Name = N
I had = I’D
‘taken’ is container indicator
Before = ere
Hence we have N   ERE   ID
Answer : Nereid

11D  Oprah’s last instead of her first comeback
‘last’ refers to Oprah Winfrey’s last letter which is Y
‘Instead’ means that we exchange her name’s first letter with Y
YPRAH comeback to HARPY
Answer : Harpy

12D  First off – Fate or Accident?
‘first off’ means take off the first letter of Fate which is F
What remains is ATE OR  and ‘accident’ is anagram indicator
Answer : Erato


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