Monday, December 12, 2011

"Battles" Answers

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Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
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Answer Explanation to “Battles”

3A An issue about long break
An issue = a son
About = CA  ( circa )
 Long = L
‘break’ is insertion indicator
In this case it is applicable to CA & L
Answer : Ascalon

 5A Little woman taking half unto herself
Little woman is JO ( from Little Women )
Half UNTO = UN
Taking herself implies that UN is inserted in JO
Answer : Juno

6A Rhetoric in a way
Rhetoric = rant
Way = TAO
Answer : Taranto

7A No hard current in the Ganges
No hard means no H
Current in means I in
The result will be Ganges is an INDIAN RIVER
So original answer is HINDAN RIVER ( take out H and put in I )
Answer : Hindan River    ( Unfortunately, there was no battle of Hindan River . Rather it was HINDON RIVER. My apologies for this grievous error.

11A Time soldiers associated flag-waving with army regulation
Time = T
Soldiers = RA
Waving is anagram indicator and applies to FLAG
Associated is a juxtaposition indicator
Army regulation = AR
Answer : Trafalgar

12A Daisy chain it to form lines stretching back
Daisy chain is a repetitive indicator
After repeating the answer we have lines stretching back
In this case it is  NILE NILE – an endless series of line(s) looking back
‘stretching back’ is reverse indicator many times over.
Answer : Nile

13A Country where its’ first born changed hands
First born = B
B is added to answer
‘changed’ hands implies that the answer contains L or R which is then interchanged to match a country’s name.
In this case the answer is ULUNDI  ( B + ULUNDI = BURUNDI )
Answer : Ulundi

1D Following such directions will send you north west, possibly
To go NW one way is W and then N
Answer : Towton

2D  Can’t in Scotland
‘Cant’ in Scotland is spelt as Can nae
Answer : Cannae

4D Manage with firm hand – not half accommodating
Manage = run
Firm = co
Hand – not half = HA
‘accommodating’  CO HA holds RUN
Answer : Corunha

7D Attila sacked city – devoured by heartless Hun
‘sacked’ means to delete city, ( LA) from Attila
ATTI is then devoured by Hn ( heartless hun)
Answer : Hattin

8D It approaches date rape – ending in style
It ‘approaches’ means the answer is besides.
Date = D 
Rape ending = E
So, answer + DE = style
‘a la mode’ = in style
Answer : Alamo

9D Have way with posh woman ultimately
Have = VE ( as I’ve )
Way = RD
Posh = U
Woman ultimately = N
Answer : Verdun

10D  Rush hour – quiet no more
Hour = HR
Quiet = SH
‘no more’ is deletion indicator
RU ( SH ) HR gives us RUHR
Answer : Ruhr


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