Monday, December 5, 2011

"Flowers" Answers

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Answer Explanation to “Flowers”

1A Messy robe in bag,another one outside
‘messy’ is anagram indicator and applies to ‘robe’
‘in’ is insertion indicator and so ‘bag’ goes into a rearranged ‘robe’
‘outside’ would refer to another word for ‘bag’ and that goes outside the above
Another word for bag is case
Answer : Cabbage Rose

5A Say, tough guy is first to get locked up by court
‘say’ is homonym indicator and refers to ‘tough’ giving us TUF
Guy is either a synonym for a male or an actual name : in this case ANDY
‘Is first’  means that ANDY is placed before TUF
The above is then ‘locked up’ by court which in short is CT
Answer : Candy Tuft

7A Gangster – not international and not national
Gangster =  Al Capone
International = cap  national = n
‘not’ means to take them out of CAPONE
Answer : Aloe

9A A huge sum you sacrificed with another member
You ‘sacrificed’ means that U is taken out of the answer
Another member implies that what remains after U is taken out is a member
Member = arm
Arm and a leg ( another member ) means something costly and so is a huge sum
Answer : Arum

11A Chicken, livered as such
Whatever the answer is , when its combined with ‘livered’ you will get a word meaning ‘chicken’
Lily-livered means cowardly
Answer : Lily

12A All-round first-class side
First class = AI
Side = XI
So we have AIXI
‘all-round’ is a reversal indicator
Answer : Ixia

13A Lucky people finally get last wish
Last wish = H
‘finally get’ means put H at the end of the answer and get “lucky people”
Irish are considered ‘lucky’
Answer : Iris

14A  Covered by huge umbrella
‘covered by’ is hidden indicator meaning that the answer is inside “huge umbrella”
Answer : Geum

1D Ask for song in church, nothing more
Ask for = CALL
Song = ARIA
And in it we have church = CE as well as ( more ) nothing = O
Answer : Calceolaria

2D  Dishonest about opponents
In bridge opponents are either NE or SW
Dishonest = BENT
Answer : Bennet

3D Agent in trouble
‘trouble’ is anagram indicator
‘Agent is’ turns to Gentian
Answer : Gentian

4D Get back it’s grasp of universal quality
It refers to answer which needs to ‘grasp’ Universal Quality which is UQ
‘back’ means to reverse ‘it’ and then the whole thing would mean ‘get’
Another word for get is acquire ( reverse it to get ERIUQCA )
Remove UQ and get Erica
Answer : Erica

6D Hear stories that sounds far-fetched!
Stories = LORE
‘hear’ is homonym indicator and so LORE becomes LOR
‘sounds’ is another homonym indicator and applies to ‘far’
 FAR becomes FA
FA fetched LOR means that FA carried LOR
Answer : Flora

8D Fellow to bring up the rear
Fellow = F
Bring up the rear = LAG
Answer : Flag

10D  Thousands embrace America
Thousands = M, K
America = US
M, K embrace US gives us M US K
Answer : Musk


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