Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Final Puzzle

The final puzzle was e mailed to the final four participants last week.
All sent in their answers which were all correct.
The winner is decided by earliest entry and will be named shortly.
For those of you who want to attempt the final puzzle here it is.
The final puzzle is based on 20 clues. The definition is absent in all clues.
The past 10 puzzles had themes to them- and these were the definitions.
In puzzle 11, each of the previous themes occur twice. Hence there are 20 clues.
To aid you further, none of the clues with the same theme intersect each other - except for writers.
Also, pairs of clues with the following themes ( elements,football clubs, movie stars,movies ) are either across or down.
The other pairs , needless to say, have one clue across and the other one down.
Lastly, the 21 intersecting letters form this sentence : Logical or rare instance.

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