Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Elements" Explanation

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
Definition : BOLD
Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
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Answer Explanation to “Elements”

2A A fleece hunter with gold shirt
‘with’ is the link indicator
Gold = AU
 Shirt  = T ( as in T shirt )
Fleece hunter = argonaut
Answer : Argon

5A Gift-bearing Greek – not good! Ignore their party
Gift = boon
Greek (not good ) = Reek
Reek ( ignore Greek party ) = REEK – EEK
BOON bearing R = BO R ON
Answer : Boron

6A Tumult that is convoluted
‘convoluted’ is anagram indicator
that is = ie
tumult + ie anagrammed gives us Lutetium
Answer : Lutetium

7A State without a university medium
State = California
California without A = Californi
University = U  medium = M
Answer : Californium

9A Satire by an unknown
Unknown = Y
‘by’ is juxtaposition indicator
Iron + y = irony = staire
Answer : Iron

10A Non – issue. Finally settled.
Issue ( finally ) = E
‘settled’ is anagram indicator
Non E ( settled )gives us Neon
Answer : Neon

1D Endlessly nice to touch buttocks
‘touch’ is juxtaposition indicator
Nice ‘endlessly’ = NIC
Buttocks = ARSE
Answer : Arsenic

2D  Any Shakespearean Athenian in….
Shakespearena Athenian = Timon
Timon in Any = Antimony
Answer : Antimony

3D .. “Maiden without a flower”
Maiden = M
A Flower = geranium
Geranium ‘without’ M gives us Germanium
Answer : Germanium

4D New satellite, twice undertaking mission opener
‘undertaking’ is juxtaposition indicator
New = N
Satellite = IO
Twice = BI
Mission ‘opener’ = M
Answer : Niobium

7D Wild boar in North Carolina retreat
Boar ‘wild’ = ARBO
North Carolina = NC
NC retreat = CN
Answer : Carbon

8D It appears twice following Rhode Island Navy dog
Rhode Island = RI
Navy = N
Dog = Rin Tin Tin
Answer : Tin


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