Friday, November 5, 2010

Crossword 5 Answers Explanation



1. Bird bit embankment (9) PARTRIDGE Combination clue where bird is the definition. bit = part and embankment = ridge

8. Small step into void (5) SPACE Combination clue where void is the definition. Small = S and step = pace

10. Show appreciation to husband in military vehicle (5) THANK Insertion clue where husband (H) has to be put in military vehicle (TANK) to give THANK which is to show appreciation.

12. Firm with new prisoner (3) CON Combination clue where firm (CO) and new (N) join to form CON which is a word meaning prisoner.

13. One ran for a long time (3) EON Anagram indicator is "ran" ; so ONE is rearranged to form EON which is very long time.

14. Time to order something (4) ITEM "order" is the anagram indicator working on TIME to change it to ITEM which is something.

15. Joined the team (6) UNITED double definition as united can be both "joined" and "team".

16. Smashes figure at school (5) BUSTS Combination clue where figure = BUST and school is S.
Busts means smashes.

18. Lost one-nil while browsing the net (6) ONLINE Anagram indicator is "lost" in the sense of having "strayed". Applying it to one nil will give us ONLINE which is synonymous with browsing the net.

20. Bound to adjust diet (4) TIED adjust is the anagram indicator applicable to DIET giving us TIED which is the same as BOUND.

22. Wanted to include the creature (3) ANT Container clue is revealed by "to include". Hence WANTED contains something which is a creature and its ANT.

23. Quantity of contents (3) TEN Another container clue where "of" serves as indicator that a quanity is within conTENts.

24. He admits being the proprietor (5) OWNER Double definition where OWNER , other than meaning Proprietor also fits as one who admits (owns).

25. One transaction is perfect (5) IDEAL Another combination clue where one = I and transaction = DEAL. Together they form IDEAL which is perfect.

26. Famous person unexpectedly bit celery (9) CELEBRITY "unexpectedly" serves as anagram indicator for bit celery which transforms into CELEBRITY - a famous person.


2. A quiet expert is fast (5) APACE A = A quiet = P expert = ACE Fast is the definition

3. Afterwards from both ends (4) THEN Tricky clue as "from both ends" is a normal indicator of a palindrome. However, "from" serves as a container indicator and if you look at BOTH ENDS you can get THEN from it.Definition is Afterwards.

4. The purpose of camping (6) INTENT Double definition with Intent = Purpose and IN TENT is a tongue-in-cheek replacement of camping.

5, He gets an allowance (5) GRANT Double definition as He would simply indicate a male name which is GRANT and this also means allowance.

6. Intuit to follow puller of sled (6,3) ESKIMO DOG intuit = eskimo and follow = dog giving us Eskimo Dog as a puller of sled.

7. Rearrange desk to confound then flee (9) SKEDADDLE Anagram indicated by "Rearrange" applies to DESK to give us SKED ; confound = addle and flee is the definition of skedaddle.

9. Search at home with energy to join (7) COMBINE Search = Comb at home = IN energy = E giving us COMBINE which is JOIN.

11. Raised those I'd altered (7) HOISTED altered "those id" gives us HOISTED which is RAISED.

15. Amused with employment (3) Again a container clue very subtly indicated by "with" indicating that AMUSED is in possession of something that means employment. amUSEd reveals the answer.

17. Throw nut and regret being disloyal (6) UNTRUE throw is an anagram indicator which changes NUT to UNT and regret = rue thus giving us UNTRUE = disloyal.

19. Clean off a weapon (5) LANCE off is the anagram indicator which when applied to clean gives us LANCE which is a weapon.

21. Useless in pet management (5) INEPT Either "useless" or "management" can be anagram indicators. In this case its "management" and manipulating " in pet" we have inept which means useless.

23. Row about rite (4) TIER about serves as anagram indicator for rite, giving us TIER which means Row.


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