Sunday, November 28, 2010

Literary Stuff 2

Each Clue explanation is divided into Analysis, Aesthetics and Afterword.

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
Definition : BOLD
Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
Link : Normal


A2. Writer given university situation but no parking. (5) _ A _ _ _

Analysis : Writer given university situation but no parking

University situation = campus

No parking = no p

campus - p = Camus ( writer )

Aesthetics : When reading the sentence situation means something else from what is intended by the setter.Intended meaning is the actual location of the university.

Afterword : Camus's words: "We refuse to despair of mankind. Without having the unreasonable ambition to save men, we still want to serve them" from La Peste (The Plague) are as relevant today as they were in 1947. Only of a handful of post war European writers who resisted the siren call of Marxism , he was in favor of Mediterranean humanism.

B2. Novelist needing to raise capital. (4,6) _ _ C _ _ O _ _ _ _

Analysis : Novelist needing to raise capital

raise = jack      capital = london

Aesthetics : The link word is rather long but gives a picture of a poor writer who has to write to survive.

Afterword : Jack London was an adventure writer of the first water.The Sea Wolf,The Call of the Wild and White Fang are some of his most famous works.

C2. Saint Henry penning epilogue for author. (8) _ _ _ N _ _ _ _

Analysis : Saint Henry penning epilogue for author

Saint Henry = St hal
penning means to surround
epilogue = end
giving us st end hal = STENDHAL ( author )

Aesthetics : Nice combo of penning,epilogue and author - all linked to writing.

Afterword : Stendhal wrote exquisitely on love - having failed miserably at it in real life."If you don't love me, it does not matter, anyway I can love for both of us." is one of those quotes that springs to mind when you see a couple where one partner still has the hots while the other is cool.Nevertheless, "Half – the most beautiful half – of life is hidden from him who has not loved passionately."
reminds us that to have loved and lost is a must for every man - at least for once in his life. Here and there are some comments on Stendhal's On Love.

This time around the clues are to do with types of writers.

D2. Stranger grabbing supporter is bemoaning linesman. (7)   _ _ E _ _ _ T

E2. Promise forger he'd be good at coining? (9)  _ _ _ D _ _ I _ _

F2. Aesthetic writer sees beauty by assignation on radio (10)  _ _ _ _ E _ _ _ S _


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