Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Crossword 7 Answers Explanation



1.Bird at two parties (4) DODO. Definition is “bird”. Two parties is “do” and “do”.

4.Element of victory (4)    GOLD. Definition is “element”, and gold is the colour of victory (eg gold medal).

6.Yield a plant ovule, say (4) CEDE. Homophone. “Cede” sounds like “seed”.

8.Most arguments are about celebrity (4)  STAR. Definition is “celebrity”. Hidden word.

11.New tsar of painting and sculpture (4)     ARTS. Anagram of “tsar”.

13.Bore of distinction (7) CALIBRE. Double definition.

14.Decline three keys (3) EBB. Definition is “decline”. Three musical keys.

16.Thanks for every candle (5)  TAPER. Definition is “candle”. “Ta” = “thanks”. “per = “for every”.

18.Terribly eager to concur (5)  AGREE. Anagram of “eager”.

21.Painting of them Urals (5) MURAL. Definition is “painting”. Hidden word.

22.Huge Elgar composition (5)     LARGE. Anagram of “Elgar”.

24.Member of the whole group (3) LEG.  Definition is “member”. Hidden word.

25.Facts about table that sparkle (7) GLISTEN. Definition is “sparkle”. Sandwich clue, with “gen” fitting around “list”.

28.Betting journalist was rushed (4)     SPED. Definition is “rushed”. “Betting” is “SP”, and “journalist” is “ED”.

30.The bird in the other nest (4)     ERNE. Definition is “bird”. Hidden word.

31.Aide’s unusual impression (4) IDEA. Definition is “impression”. Anagram of “aide”.

32.Destroy what’s left of the castle (4)     RUIN. Double definition.

33.Notice the location (4) SPOT. Double definition.


1.Record that may have slipped (4) DISC. Definition is “record”, and the wordplay refers to a slipped disc.

2.Trade in lead construction (4)    DEAL. Definition is “trade”. Anagram of “lead”.

3.Compassion at the core (5)    HEART. Double definition.

4.Procure from strange tradesman (3)    GET. Definition is “procure”. Hidden word.

5.Boring sort of bard (4)    DRAB. Definition is “boring”. Anagram of “bard”.

7.Imagine being armed, possibly (5)    DREAM. Definition is “imagine”. Anagram of “armed”.

9.Snarl at the first corner (6)     TANGLE. Definition is “snarl”. Take the first letter of “the” and add on a word for “corner”, which is “angle”.

10.Strive, really, to contain tributary (5)    RIVER. Definition is “tributary”. Another hidden word.

12.Reportedly burn prophet (4)    SEER. Definition is “prophet”. “Seer” sounds like “sear”.

15.Buddhism follows underwear forward (6)    BRAZEN. Definition is “forward”. “Underwear” is “bra”, and “Zen” is Buddhism.

17.Super sort of container (5)     PURSE. Definition is “container”. Anagram of “super”.

19.Starting point for riches (4)     RAGS. & Lit clue….”from rags to riches”.

20.Urged to produce five notes (5) EGGED. Definition is “urged”. Answer is using 5 musical notes.

23.Berry Senior (5)    ELDER. Definition is “senior”, and “elder” is a type of “berry”.

24.Left tune to study (4) LAIR. Definition is “study” (noun). “L” for left and “air” for “tune”.

26.Stumble on the journey (4)     TRIP. Double definition.

27.Tidy in one attempt (4)    NEAT. Definition is “tidy”. Hidden word again.

29.Hoping to include secret number (3)    PIN. Definition is “secret number”. Hidden word.

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