Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Literary Stuff Explanation

Each Clue explanation is divided into Analysis, Aesthetics and Afterword.

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Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
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G2. Treasure-seeker pants hugely, having diseased liver. (4,4,6)

Treasure-seeker pants hugely, having diseased liver.

pants hugely = long johns
diseased liver = ilver

treasure seeker : long john silver


The reading is a bit strained.Somehow, pants and diseased liver are not natural connections.( as compared to pants and diseased lungs)
Also, pants hugely = long johns is a bit of a stretch. We know long johns to be "underpants with long legs"
The setter in using 'hugely" might have wanted to communicate that the clothing item is pants mainly. But I  think it does not quite work. Any one who can get a better connection - please comment.


Treasure Island is a children's classic which adults reread throughout their life. This most famous of treasure tales , has a cast of characters never to be forgotten.One figure in that cast is responsible for the popular image of the pirate. One-legged with a parrot on his shoulder, Long John Silver is an unusual fictional character. He has many virtues in him - yet he is a mutineer. Such ambiguity in a children's story is very hard to come by. Despite his criminal intent , I remember being quite happy that he didn't swing at the end of a rope at the end. Stevenson must have loved him too.

H2. Is man left without old woman an outcast? (7) _ _ _ _ A _ L

Is man left without old woman an outcast?

man = he
left = l
old woman = ma
without is an indicator that tells us that hel is outside ma
 is h ma e l
ishmael is an outcast.


old woman as ma is not quite there. I think using "mother" would add power to the reading.


Ishmael is mentioned in the Bible when Abraham beds Hagar, maid to his barren wife Sarah to produce a son. Ishmael is his name but when a son Isaac is granted to Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael are cast out of the tribe.

I2. He opposed the Turkish brothel local keeps. (7)

He opposed the Turkish brothel local keeps.

keeps is the hidden indicator and within brothel local  we can see OTHELLO
It was he who opposed the Turkish in the tale by Shakespeare.


Very nice reading as the solver will not separate Turkish & brothel initially.


Though Shakespeare gave the title of his play to Othello, his version of Iago is one of the most diabolical characters ever created.The mighty general stands no chance against the Machiavellian manipulator.



  1. I did express my doubts on that under "aesthetics".

    The closest explanation i can think of is this :
    old woman = old lady = wife = mother = ma

    the above is just a representation of the connection.

    wife , being the proper term for one's mate ; the others are all slang words that men use to describe their better half.

    hope that helps.