Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crossword 9 Answers Explanation


1. Insertion of dreadful pun inside it (5)
Definition ‘Insertion’: letters of ‘pun’ (dreadful = rearrange) inside ‘it’ = INPUT

4. Wonderful purse design (5)
Definition ‘Wonderful’: anagram (design) of ‘purse’ = SUPER

7.Child of resonance (3)
 Definition ‘Child’: ‘of’ indicating within ‘resonance’ = SON

9. Decorated or terribly neat (6)
Definition ‘Decorated’: ‘or’ plus anagram (terribly) of ‘neat’ = ORNATE

11. Local man gets collected (4)
Definition ‘collected’: ‘gets’ indicating content of ‘Local man’ = CALM  
12. Confirmation about tree (3)
Definition ‘tree’: ‘about’ indicating content of ‘Confirmation’ = FIR

13. No moons affected by seasonal wind (7)
Definition ‘seasonal wind’: ‘affected’ indicating anagram of ‘No moons’ = MONSOON

15. Student deserved to be wise (7)
Definition ‘wise’: compound of ‘Student’ = L plus ‘deserved’ = earned = LEARNED

18. Objection to returning tub (3)
Definition ‘Objection’: ‘returning’ indicating reversing ‘tub’ = BUT

19. Mad for food (4)
Double definition of ‘Mad’ and ‘food’ = NUTS

20. A drama about ships (6)
Definition ‘ships’: ‘about’ indicating anagram of ‘A drama’ = ARMADA

23. Lose argument about the Baltic, say (3)
Definition ‘ the Baltic’: ‘about’ indicating content of ‘Lose argument’ = SEA

24. Wait to play the first shot (5)
Double definition of ‘Wait’ and ‘play the first shot’ = SERVE

25. Lions’ conceit (5)
Double definition of ‘ Lions’ and ‘conceit’ = PRIDE


1. Club putting away small pieces of metal (4,7)
Definition ‘small pieces of metal’: compound expression of ‘Club’ = iron plus ‘putting away’ = filing(s) = IRON FILINGS

2. Refusal to include country (3)
Definition ‘country’: ‘to include’ indicating content of ‘Refusal’ = USA

3. Baby’s drink (3)
Double definition of ‘baby’ and ‘drink’ = TOT

5. Quiet instrument (5)
Double definition of ‘Quiet’ and ‘instrument’ = PIANO

6. Argue about monster scale (11)
Definition ‘Argue’: ‘about’ indicating anagram of ‘monster’ plus synonym for ‘scale’ = rate = REMONSTRATE

8. One Roman’s emperor (4)
Definition ‘emperor’: apostrophe ‘s’ of ‘One Roman’s’ indicating content = NERO (whole clue could also be definition)

10. Negative out of ignorance (3)
Definition ‘Negative’: ‘out of’ indicating content of ‘ignorance’ = NOR

13. Creature of romance (3)
Definition ‘Creature’: ‘of’ indicating content of ‘romance’ = MAN

14. Agree with the head (3)
Definition is the whole clue = NOD

16. Croat turned performer (5)
Definition ‘performer’: ‘turned’ indicating anagram of ‘Croat’ = ACTOR

17. The rascal takes ages (4)
Definition ‘ages’: ‘takes’ indicating content of ‘The rascal’ = ERAS

18. Serpent with feathers (3)
Double definition of ‘Serpent’ and ‘feathers’ = BOA

21. More polite with salesman (3)
Definition ‘salesman’: ‘with’ indicating content of ‘More polite’ = REP

22. Ruin in remarkable condition (3)
Definition ‘Ruin’: ‘in’ indicating content of ‘remarkable’ = MAR (‘condition’ conceivably superfluous but acting as ‘filler’)


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