Monday, December 27, 2010


Readers are well aware that punctuations judiciously used in sentences enhance ease of reading and comprehension.

Punctuations are a comparatively recent occurence. Long ago, writing was limited only to a few. As writing expanded to cover all sorts of  subjects, it incorporated and invented a few symbols. Today, there are about a dozen punctuation symbols we use in writing.

Inevitably, crossword-setters set some clues with punctuations in them serving as decoys. In rare cases, the solvers had to take them into account to reach the solution.

The clues that follow are some examples where the punctuations serve as decoys or cryptic elements.

A3: Look at daring to admit "I'm sorry?" (6)   _ E _ _ _ _

B3: "Serve Duke!" I cry (4,3)   _ _ _ _  O _ _

C3: "Tom here!" (jeers)  (10)  _ _ _ _ A _ _ I _ _


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