Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crossword 6 Answers Explanation



1. Vulgar sort of weld (4) LEWD: Definition VULGAR; ‘sort of’ indicating anagram of ‘weld’

4. Resting place out East (4) SEAT: Definition RESTING PLACE; ‘out’ indicating anagram of ‘East’

6. Cape’s new rate (4) PACE: Definition RATE; ‘new’ indicating anagram of ‘Cape’

8. Phase pets out (4) STEP: Definition PHASE; ‘out’ indicating anagram of ‘pets’

11. Boy has nothing to pack (4)  LOAD: Definition PACK; ‘boy’ = LAD has O (nothing); L(O)AD

13. Land seen off by girl SENEGAL: Definition LAND; ‘Off’ indicating anagram of ‘SEEN’ = SENE; girl = GAL

14. Also among pandas (3) AND: Definition ALSO; ‘among’ indicating some letters of ‘pandas’

16. The same two dots (5) DITTO: Definition THE SAME; which is usually indicated by ‘two dots’

18. Shock a quiet friend (5) APPAL: Definition SHOCK; A P (Piano = quiet) + PAL (friend)

21. Trace out a box (5) CRATE: Definition A BOX; ‘out’ indicating anagram of ‘trace’

22. I call out for shade (5) LILAC: Definition SHADE; ‘out’ indicating anagram of ‘I call’

24. Swan enclosure (3) PEN: Double definition of SWAN (pen is a female swan) and ENCLOSURE

25. Everyone has gone mad about ship (7) GALLEON: Definition SHIP; ‘mad’ indicating anagram of ‘gone’ = GEON  Everyone = ALL has GEON (gone mad about) = G(ALL)EON

28. We’re off to get a jug (4) EWER: Definition A JUG; ‘off’ indicating anagram of ‘We’re’

30. The way out of the planet (4) LANE: Definition THE WAY; ‘out of’ indicating some letters of ‘the planet’

31. Fear going round mythical ship (4) ARGO: Definition MYTHICAL SHIP; ‘round’ indicating some letters of ‘fear going’

32. Appearing to have food (4) PEAR: Definition FOOD; ‘to have’ indicating some letters of ‘appearing’

33. Insect of biting nature (4) GNAT: Definition INSECT; ‘of’ indicating some letters of ‘biting nature’


1. Blessed with not as much (4) LESS: Definition NOT AS MUCH; ‘with’ indicating some letters of ‘blessed’

2. Navy bird (4) WREN: Double definition of NAVY (WREN is a member of former Women’s Royal Naval Service) and BIRD

3. Food as ordered by boy (5)  SALAD: Definition FOOD; ‘ordered’ indicating anagram of ‘AS’= SA; boy = LAD

4. Reported character of geographical feature (3) SEA: Definition GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURE; ‘reported’ indicating sound like ‘character’ (letter C)

5. Incline towards nurse (4) TEND: Double definition of INCLINE TOWARDS and NURSE

7. Complaint about broken coil (5)  COLIC: Definition COMPLAINT;  About = C (Circa); ‘broken’ indicating anagram of COIL = OLIC     About broken coil = C + OLIC = COLIC

9. Church either side of the head (6) TEMPLE: Double definition of CHURCH and EITHER SIDE OF THE HEAD

10. Natural feature of plate design (5) PETAL: Definition NATURAL FEATURE; ‘design’ indicating anagram of ‘plate’

12. Attorney volunteers information (4) DATA: Definition INFORMATION; Attorney = DA (District Attorney); Volunteers = TA (Territorial Army)

15. Impression of negative charge (6)NOTION: Definition IMPRESSION; Negative = NOT; charge = ION

17. Ring about river ogre (5) TROLL: Definition OGRE; ring = TOLL; river = R; ring about river = TOLL about R = TROLL

19. Yearn for a tree (4) PINE: Double definition of YEARN and A TREE

20. Drink to large improvement (5) LAGER: Definition DRINK; ‘improvement’ indicating anagram of ‘large’

23. Vehicle to leave its shipment (5)  CARGO: Definition SHIPMENT; vehicle = CAR; leave = GO

24. Stay as a rugby player (4) PROP: Double definition of STAY and A RUGBY PLAYER (forward)

26. Merit of learning (4) EARN: Definition MERIT; ‘of’ indicating some letters of ‘learning’

27. Tidy in one attempt (4) NEAT: Definition TIDY; ‘in’ indicating some letters of ‘one attempt’

29. Rewarded with struggle (3)WAR: Definition STRUGGLE; ‘with’ indicating some letters of ‘rewarded’

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