Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Each Clue explanation is divided into Analysis, Aesthetics and Afterword.

Visual Key to Clue Analysis :
Definition : BOLD
Wordplay : Italics with keywords underlined as well
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D1. Let me tell you what my tutor will do. (4,2,5) _ A _ _ _ _ _ _ R _ _

Analysis : Let me tell you / what my tutor will do

Double definition meaning mark my words.


Neat surface reading.The setter finds two ways to express this idiom used usually in the context of wanting people to remember what you are saying.let me tell you is also the way we start a sentence when we want people to pay attention to what we are about to say.what my tutor will do is the description of the marking of a written essay.


"me" and "my" in the clue would give away the 2 lettered word.

E1. Desolate on a break with nothing to do. (2,1,5,3) _ _ _ L _ _ _ _ _ N _

Analysis : Desolate on a break with nothing to do

break is anagram indicator for desolate on a giving us at a loose end.


Desolate ties in nicely with nothing to do - ennui being the result.


loose end means a minor unresolved problem or difficulty. How did at a loose end come to mean with nothing to do? After all, there IS something to do if you have a loose end.

F1. Faltering guards pursuing one won't, strangely. (2,3,5) _ _ _ _ O M _ _ _ _

Analysis : Faltering guards pursuing one won't, strangely

guards = minds

one wont strangely = i wont strangely = in two

pursuing puts in two ahead of minds

answer is in two minds which means faltering


Technically tight clue, but surface meaning is not quite complete.What won't they do- these guards who are pursuing one?


Though the idiom refers to any one not being able to reach a decision, a whole lot of science is dedicated to the duality of mind and it seems our thought processes are indeed driven by two minds.

Here is the final set of idioms.

G1. Very well suited for hunting? (2,3,4)

H1. Study computing or not? I don't care ! (4,2,2,5,2)

I1. Modern piano and organ found in chest outside gallery (5,2,3,3)


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