Thursday, November 18, 2010

Literary Stuff

Torquemada was the inventor of the cryptic puzzle.A scholar and linguist he was passionate about puzzles and loved setting them for kith and kin over dinner to avoid small talk.In the 1920s as crossword fever swept England, he created the first cryptic puzzle (1924 ) - being bored with straightforward clues. A voracious reader with an impressive memory, Torquemada favoured literary clues, using quotations from poetry, plays and the classics.

Early crosswords had more literary references than today's crosswords.This reduction is due to the fact that more and more crossword solvers do not have a background in the classics.

However, there are still a lot of good clues regarding literary stuff and in this series, we will see that they still have a place among other types of clues that require the solver to have some knowledge about.

Even if you don't, it's possible to solve them from the wordplay and then confirm it online.

The three below are to do with famous authors.

A2. Writer given university situation but no parking. (5) _ A _ _ _

B2. Novelist needing to raise capital. (4,6) _ _ C _ _ O _ _ _ _

C2. Saint Henry penning epilogue for author. (8) _ _ _ N _ _ _ _


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